What Inspires Us: The Evergreen Collection

October 12, 2015

People always speak about Summer love. What happens when the cool winds bring the falling of leaves? When the heat subsides and colors of autumn come out to play? Roots deepen and ties that bond grow tighter. The Evergreen Collection was inspired by the lakeside romance, the love that burns warm even in the colder months, and the colors and magic of the forest in Fall. It's the earthy smell of the dirt beneath you and the feeling of warm, strong hands in your hair. 

Come dream with us... here is what inspired us for The Evergreen Collection.

1. Nikka

2. Fogrest by Kajda Gingeer

3. Lukasz Wierzbowski

4. Maxime Epain

5. The Evergreen Collection


*Please note: We do not accept credit for images 1-4. We were simply inspired by the stunning imagery of these amazing artists.*