The Calendula Stack

Our new Marigold Collection, bursting with brightness, energy and life, brings the vibrancy of autumn's color palette to life.   The newest Sisco + Berluti collection boasts many variations of warm colors from saffron to Siena and goldenrod. 

The Calendula Stack is 3 bracelets of agate, golden lava and tiger's eye. Pair it with black onyx, red coral, turquoise, the Burgandy Bracelet or Purple Pizzazz for a unique combo! 

Wear Marigold with our Neutral Collection or pop in a bright contrasting shade of turquoise, brown, red or black. There are so many color variations and even more ways to wear it--check out our recommended stacks for on-trend color combinations.  

Check out our Marigold Pinterest Board for ideas and inspiration!  

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